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Wow…..What a major let down. I came into this show with the hopes of leaving a very happy man, but in the end i was sad. Yup, sad. Why you say? Because my friends this show was a weak and pitfull to say the least. There where a bunch of guys using the old Beckett price system, plus they where way over priced. To tell you the truth i only bought a hand full of cards and and a couple of toys for my kid. I made the show way bigger than what it was in my thoughts and boy was i wrong. I’m not trashing it but it wasn’t worth the 5 bucks at the gate. If anything they should have given the people a 5 buck coupon to use inside.

Well the sliver lining was that Rollie Fingers would be there signing autographes for 35 bucks per auto, well being the Rollie fan i am i thought this was a great price to pay for a HOF. And it was, but when i got to meet Rollie he wasn’t the friendly guy i thought he was. He seemed to be upset or something cause he wasn’t real friendly but at least he took a picture with us. Overall i guess i was ok with the whole thing, would i drive down there again and waiting like i did….Nope. So thats it for me and Sportacular a nasty breakup.