Ain’t it funny how some people try to be hard over the computer when in real life they ain’t nothing but pussy. And you know who you are, i know you have a blog and think your hard and shit, but bitch you ain’t shit. And yeah i’m addressing this shit right here live for everyone to see. And no trick i won’t say your name cause thats what you want, mad cause i’m the don of this shit and have mad trade bait. Being a hater is what your good at and you can really just kiss my ass with all that weak ass shit your mouth is running. I’m a laid back guy but when enough is enough shit will pop off and its reach that point. Don’t be mad cause i won’t trade with you, cause since the start i knew you was a snake. Oh yeah “My package never got there” funny tho cause it had tracking….. But now your hard telling me if you where in my hood you would kick my ass. Lmafo bitch please you wouldn’t know the hood if it bit you in the ass. So anytime you make down here make sure you look me up, i know you have my addy and player if i never catch you anywhere near my place i’ll rip your fucking heart out of your chest and show to you before your body hits the floor. Yup i said it and what. You ain’t nothing i’ll run rings around your dumb ass, bitch ass trick. So if you have the balls let the world know who you are bitch!! And remember i’m still the don!! Here’s wishing to see you in my hood here soon, and if any of you guys wanna be down with this motherfucker then fuck you too!!!!!!!!