Where to start, first of all I’m am getting all packages together for mailing out on Monday…. Meaning all winnings and trades, about 12 packages total. After that I’ve been back and forth about collecting. Some would say I’ve lost that loving feeling about those little pieces of cardboard. It just doesn’t seem to grab me like it use to, maybe I’ve just grown out of it or maybe there’s not enough trade and buying for cards around here. I’ve just been sticking to Ebay and COMC. There’s no card shop around here since i left my job in Coral Spring for Wellington. Maybe I’m in a funk and need a spark or I’m ready to move on and just collect the stuff i use to collect before i got back into cards. I’m at a crossroads here in my collecting life, i guess. One thing i know for sure is that i have to get rid of some of my cards cause the lack of space around here ain’t helping the issue.

So i taught why not start with the trade page, since i have no ties to these cards i would use the extra cash to buy stuff i want in my collection. Then i taught i won’t have anything to trade anyone if i did that, which would suck. But i do need a fresh start and getting rid of a bunch of cards would help out allot. So i think I’m going to do just that. The Trade page would be the first thing to go, and i know i would restock and have better bait as the money pores in. So with that, i will be taking offer on all the cards on the trade bait page. Or looking for trades.

And i need to get back the joy of writing on this blog again, i need to find a partner in crime to write on here with me. I looking for a blogger or a former blogger looking to get back in the mix of things or a trade partner that has always wanted to start a blog but just didn’t know how to go about it. There even might be a name change to the blog. If you would like to write just shoot me and email at wicked4life20@hotmail.com.

That’s it for right now, hopefully I’ll find a partner to write and more trades!!! Thanks as always for reading!!!

Wicked out!!!