Its been a long time since i joined this blogging world and with every up and down, the bloggers or friends that we’ve made always come though when you need them the most. Case in point…. I was feeling that this might be a slowing down point for me. Meaning cutting back on blogging and trading cards and do something else with my time. Start a new hobby or just find something more useful to do with my time. Funny thing is a lot of people in my life just don’t get why i collect cards. I collect cause it makes me happy, it takes me away to a simple time in my life. Where i had no cares but if the Mets won or lost, and if Dwight Gooden had a good pitching outing, or did Darryl hit a home-run that night. Yes people i was a Mets fan growing up until the Marlins came to town. Funny thing now is that i dislike the Mets allot, anyways back to what i was saying….. My childhood i can say was a rough one, losing my mother at age 11 and my father not being around really didn’t help the matter but my grandmother always put a smile on my face when she would come home with a pack of baseball cards. She did the best to make me happy during those dark time in my childhood, and baseball was it for me. Watching games on tv or trading cards with the kids down the block was a feeling that was almost like a high. Looking back now i can say i really enjoyed those times. And that’s where my love for those little pieces of cardboard comes from and i don’t want it to end any time soon. Cause if i lose the love for those pieces of cardboard i will lose a piece of my childhood that i never want to lose. When my grandma passed i didn’t say it to her but if it wasn’t for her and her love i think i would have not been here today. She helped me get though the worst time in my lifetime with the help of Americas past time.

Well with that i will take you onto some new Ebay pick up’s…….

                                                                                                                                                       This card was like stealing candy from a bay cause i got it mad cheap.


                                                                                                                                                This one i wanted since it has all three guys i collect on it and the price was ok.




                                                                                                                                                     This one was just 0.99 cent with 2.00 bucks shipping can’t beat that!