WFAN Sports Radio 66 Mike Francesca has heard that Jose Reyes has received an offer and is scheduled to meet with the Marlins.
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For Reyes, the team’s interest is appreciated but still on the surprising side. The Marlins have already mentioned that they have not discussed moving Hanley Ramirez to another position, which would be a requirement if the team were to pursue and sign Reyes. There are also legitimate concerns about Reyes’s health; he missed 37 days and 29 games with injury last season, which marks the third year during which he has missed at least a month due to injury. His asking price has not decreased, and the readers of FanGraphs still expect him to ink a deal around six years and $104 million.

If the rumors regarding Reyes are true, the Marlins are saying that they would be interested in risking many years and dollars on a player with a substantial injury risk. The cost does seem prohibitive, but the concept of Reyes in Miami makes sense. The team has to at some point move Ramirez away from shortstop, as his growing physique and previous difficulty at the position likely preclude him from playing it well over the next few years. Moving him to third base utilizes his strong arm while minimizing the lesser aspects of his range. And of course Reyes would be a great addition on the field (he is a competent defender) and at the plate, where he has the capability of putting up five-win seasons when healthy.

It is an exciting start to what should continue to be a riveting offseason for the Marlins. Even if nothing ultimately comes out of either of these talks, the team will certainly have fans glued to their computers at all times. And if any of these signings go through, expect fans to respond with their wallets as well as their words.

Written by FishStripes