Well the votes are in and we have a new name!! Yup “The Cardboard Don” will be the new name of this here blog. Thanks to everyone who voted and helped me in this process. It’s going to be a great 3rd year coming up for the blog. I hope to write allot more and show off some of my collect y’all have never seen before. Plus Marlins fanfest right around the corner and thr Fins draft day party plus all the autograph signing that i will be at. Like i said its going to be huge plus a card draft and a bunch of giveaways!! So please stay tuned as we will be closeing out the year with a big bang bang around here!! Mad love to all my readers (the six of you) and to all the new comers a big welcome!! Plus will be doing a boat load of trading too!! AdamE congrats on picking a new, i will be sending you a huge package before the years up!! Thanks again and welcome to the newly named “The Cardboard Don”!!!