Well this happens to be in my back yard of South Florida, so i taught i would do a story about it.  Willie McCoy is the owner of a shop down here in South Florida called “Real McCoy Sports Cards & Memorabilia” which is in Hollywood, Florida. Willie is a great guy, i got to meet him and talk to him for a short while back in July at the Rollie Fingers signing. He had some great pieces at the show and was really outgoing. He loved the Rollie autographed jersey and told me that he did framing, and that he would give me a good price. So to me Willie was a stand up guy, with a lot of great memorabilia to sell. So a while back i had found out that Willie was doing a signing with the Texas Rangers Mike Napoli. I remember Napoli playing for the Angels and in the World Classic which i got to see him play in while in Jupiter. He was an ok catcher at the time, but i guess after the trade his numbers blew up. As a lot of you might know Napoli attended Charles Flanagan High School in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Being that both Willie and Mike where both from South Florida i guess they knew each other from the age of 7 years old. Meaning they grew up with each other, and where best buds. Well Mike i guess told Willie that he was down with an autograph signing at Willie shop on Dec.3. It never happened, two weeks before the signing mike bailed on Willie. While it sucked in my view cause i wouldn’t be able to meet mike or get an auto. I didn’t know the issues that Mike bailing on Willie would cause. And i quote from TMZ ” McCoy says his business has been “financially crippled” since the no-show … and claims he didn’t even have enough cash to stock his store with merchandise for the holiday season.” Wow, i can see this being a huge blow to Willie shop and the money he must have put into the signing for things like promotional materials and stuff to get signed. So Willie went ahead and filed a lawsuit against Mike. The worst part about it, mike lost a friend over it and a childhood friend at that. Sad to see, hopefully this will come out with a happy ending. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.