Ha! me setting goals? good one, but i taught i give it a shot….. First thing tho, i hope y’all had a great New Year and many more to come!! As i take it all in, after being back in the hobby for my upcoming 4th year my collection is all over the place. I really wanna get rid of a bunch of cards that don’t fit my collection at all. So with that, comes my number one this year….

1.Trading: Complete about 150 trades this year. Yup it shouldn’t be that hard with all the trade bait i have and all, and win back my trader of the year award!!

2.Player Collections: Start up a nice Jose Reyes and Heath Bell collections. I have a couple of Bell auto’s but none of Reyes which i will be working on.

3. 1968 Topps Game Set kill this sucker off, I’m missing three cards to complete the set…. Mickey,Willie, and Roberto. So i look forward to putting that set to rest.

4. Complete the couple of mini sets i’m working on Allen&Ginter 2008 World Leaders, Ancient Icon, 2007 Allen & Ginter Flags, 2010 ALLEN & GINTER CREATURES LEGEND, i will have a list posted soon. Working on it as i write!!

5. 1968 Topps set…… This too i would love to complete, but if i can get 150 cards torward the set i would be very happy. I will be also posting a list on my wants list soon!!

6. Miami Heat cards…. Yup i’m taking the drive into basketball, i’m going to try and complete allot of the Heats sets out there and get one autograph card of players that have or are still playing with the Heat! This one is going to be fun!!

7. TTM: I’m back on the train with my TTM’s just sent out four to day and have about another 15 to get stamps for. I can’t wait to put them in the mail!! I plan to at least send out 10 a month.

8.Vintage….. Buy and trade for as much of it as i can!!

Those are my goals for for 2012 which i should be able to meet most of them. So wish me luck and i can’t wait to get things going!! YaY-Yay!!