As i sit here still reeling from the blog post over at Tomahawk Chopping – Cardboard & More!. Derek you see traded with one of the biggest names out there, Bready. But Bready never sent him cards back, which sucks and made me wonder…. I for one am not a prefect person and this is the reason for this open letter……. First off let me say that i know i have a few pending trades out there and they’ve all been packaged and just need to make it to the post office. And i know I’m kind of a slow trader but that’s because i live a really busy life not leaving much time for a allot of thing i would want to do. I’m sorry i take long but please know that i always make the wait worth it. Anyways this is for if i have ever forgotten someone to send back cards now would be the time to talk. After reading the blog post Derek wrote it really hit home and thinking back at the times a ended up with the short end of the stick really felt shity. So if i ever forgot to send you back something for something you sent my way please let me know. And i’m truly sorry for forgetting it’s not me to cheat someone. And for those out there that have done it to someone take the time and try to make it up to that person cause one day it will happen to you and the feeling really sucks.

And from this a lesson hopefully will be learned…….. Be kind to your fellow blogging mates nd be good to each other, were a family around here and we wanna keep it this way. And remember your only as good as your word!!