Today the blog turns three!!! Yay!! It’s been a fun roller coaster ride, up’s and down’s and all arounds. I’ve made friends that i will hold on forever and keep meeting great people. And the trust that everyone has with each other is what makes our little blogging world so great. I remember it like it was yesterday after reading 30 year old cardboard i told myself i wanted in. Even tho i wasn’t collecting cards at the time, just autographes. Little by little everything guys like The Capt., Night owl, Mojo, Mario, Brian, and the Troll did was rubbing off on me. And i drove head first back into the collecting world of cardboard. And here i am today, with a cool little blog and a collection of cards i’m damn proud of. To everyone who takes the time to read my off the wal blog, thank you. For anyone that has ever traded cards with me, thank you. Also thank you for all the comment and uplifing words you guys have bought. I’m so greatful to be a part of this and i can’t wait to see what time has in store for us. Mad love to everyone out there!! You guys Rock!!