Oh it’s true the time has come for me to hang it up in the sport card world. You see when the hobby you love takes over your life and you can’t shake it, its no longer a hobby. I’ve spent thosands and thosands of dollars on cards and boxes that i didn’t even need. And now it has come between my family and myself, which in the long run could spell the end, to which i won’t let happen. So its time, and theres no looking back this time. All cards are for sale!!! All cards…..Autos,relics,base,sets, you name it i want it gone!!i will be putting up cards for sell every day and will use paypal for any bought plus the buyer will cover shipping too. If you know of a card you want off the top of your head just send me an email with an offer (please make it a fair offer). I will be keeping a small hand full of my cards but almost everything will be sold off. I still will have the blog cause i will be doing TTM and collecting autos in person. Please understand that i’ve poured allot of time and money into this collection and will not be giving it away for free.

For those i have pending trade with your package went out today and should be at your house soon!!

Thanks for reading as always!!