The Draft date has been set and looks like we will have a great turn out…….. As of right now all I’m doing is taking down who want a piece of the draft.  So far i have 12 peeps who want in, which is good to run with but if anyone else wants in they must let me know by the 29th of Feb. After that i will be taking payments from all who entered and payment must be paid by the 2nd of March. As soon as all payment have been made we will start the draft on the 3rd. The draft will have all kinds of great cards from autos to rookie cards. So please pimp this if you can…. Would love to see how many peeps we could get!! The 23 dollars covers shipping and handling 🙂 Hopefully we’ve have a great turn out!! Thanks for taking part in this!!

By the way this is the official sign up pages, so please leave a comment here if you want in!!!