Got a couple of returns on Friday so i taught i might as well share them with y’all…… Sy Berger, now allot of you out there might know who this is but for those who don’t….

Sy Bergerwas an employee of the Topps company for over 50 years. He is credited as being the co-designer of the 1952 Topps baseball series.

Berger’s first day at Topps was also the first day that Topps began to produce Bazooka Gum. In the autumn of 1951, Berger, then a 28-year-old veteran of World War II, designed the 1952 Topps baseball card set with Woody Gelman on the kitchen table of his apartment on Alabama Avenue in Brooklyn. The card design included a player’s name, photo, facsimile autograph, team name and logo on the front; and the player’s height, weight, bats, throws, birthplace, birthday, stats, and a short biography on the back. The basic design is still in use today. Berger would work for Topps for 50 years (1947–97) and serve as a consultant for another five, becoming a well-known figure on the baseball scene, and the face of Topps to major league baseball players, whom he signed up annuallyand paid in merchandise, like refrigerators and carpeting.

In later years, Berger had the equivalent of three garbage trucks full of 1952 Topps baseball cards loaded onto a barge. The barge was tugged a few miles, and the cards were dumped into the Atlantic Ocean.

Yup thats the man who threw out all those Mick rookies..

Moving on here’s another TTM….

Ron Cey, Ron is a super TTM and anytime i happen to see cards of his i wouls love to have autographed i just send them his way and sure as hell in 7 days i have back those cards with his nice auto on them!! Thanks to Ron for being a super duper TTMer!!!!

Thats it for now thanks for reading good night and god bless!! -Wicked……