Well like all good things this too must come to an end. The end of 3 plus years of hard work have paid off and i had an offer made to buy my HTTP and i’ve sold it. As of this coming Monday this blog will be no longer in my hands. So in true Lebron form i will be taking my talents  over to Blogger under a new name and all the good shit that comes with it. It’s been a fun ride and its had its ups’ and downs’ but the friends i’ve made its the most important thing i take away from here. Thanks to all my faithful readers for putting up with my bad grammer and spelling. I also in the deal lost the “Wickedortega” motto. So i will be going by a new name so been on the look out for that. The site new is still in the works so i will update y’all soon. Mad love to all and hopefully y’all will hear from me soon!!!

And for the last time…..Wicked out!!