Last weekend i got to go to a card show right around my house which was super nice since i didn’t have to drive to far. There where about 8 tables set up and all of them were filled with yummy yum goodies. One dude had about 10 ten cent boxes which i did allot of digging in. And one guy was quoting Beckett prices which i just laoghed at right in his face. Well i did pick up a few things which i’ll start with a box of 2008 Upper Deck MLS. I know what your thinking soccer? Yup, i was bored and the price was right so i went for it!! And i did really well, i was 14 cards short of a compete set plus i happened to pull two really nice hits!! So the box paid for itself, and then some.

Then i went and picked up some older Hockey cards to use as trade bait and some baseball cards as well. Most of the dime box stuff was used to fill holes in trade packages and in my player collections. Here a look at the other stuff… All up for trade but the Ozzie Canseco….

And of couse the hockey cards……

Well thats it for now, i have a bunch of things to write about but i haven’t got the time right now but please be on the look out for those post soon!!! As always thanks for reading god bless and good night!!