When i first started collecting cards back in 1985 a was a huge fan of Gary Carter. He was the guy i wanted to be like, but then 86′ rolled around and i found myself falling in love with the 86′ Mets and Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry. With those two i didn’t wanna pick so i always said that i had two favorites. And my love for them would end shortly after Jose Canseco and Will Clark came on to the sence. Jose was loved by everyone i knew which made him really hard to collect, but i was a closet Canseco collector which noone knew about since i went in another way and collected Will Clark. I was the top collector of Will Clark cards growing up. All the kids knew that if that had a Will to come to me and i would trade for it. At one point i had over 30 of his rookie cards. Funny thing tho i always wore number 33 cause of Canseco and people would alway ask why not number 22.

Since then i’ve grown up and still collect Will and Jose cause those are the guys i loved growing up and are a part of my childhood. Which is something i will always keep close to my heart. I hope one day to meet both of my idols and get to shake there hands and let them know how big there careers had in my life.

Thanks for reading, Wicked out!

Who were your childhood favorites (players)? Do you collect their cards & memorabilia? If so, what’s your favorite item (of your favorite childhood player) in your collection?