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Well here we are again…. This year for me has been really slow. I haven’t been to many shows or shops and my collective juices are drying up. But i still love to trade and add players to my ever growing list. I owe a couple of packages out there and no i haven’t forgotten…… Duane, working on a huge package for you brother. Dutch yours is almost ready just adding some cool cards to it. Nate yours is ready for shipment i know you will like your package!! Josh your package is also ready to ship so i expect to have these two in the mail sometime this week. Other then that if i owe anyone please let me know.

On to the new player added to the PC is no other than “The Dandy Dominican” aka Juan Marichal. The reason for collecting him is the way he played the game…His high leg kick, pinpoint control and intimidation tactics, which included aiming pitches directly at the opposing batters’ helmets. Will be looking for all base,relic, and auto’s of the Dandy.

Now to something cool, as y’all know i’ve been looking for Miami Heat cards of all types and brands and years….. I’ve gotten a few packages (thank you for those who have sent Heat cards my way). Well i’m looking for more!!! And i’m going to put something out there to make you guys look hard….. 12 packs of wax to the first person who sends my way more than 20 Heat cards. The rules are simple be the first package to get to my house and you win. Pretty simple, right? Plus as many of you know i’ll add some nice cards to the package of your team. Anyone down?? Holla by leaving a comment!!