If you ever wanted to trade with me here your chance!!! For those of you that don’t know, I’ve been awarded back in 09′ “THe TRader of the Year” Award for best trader in all of blogland. Oh it’s true, its true…… Like i said i’ve amassed a huge number of cards that don’t fit into my collecting needs, so they need to be trade. The Tradew Bait site is up and running and i’ll be posting a team by team bait in the up and coming week. Hopefully this will bring me back into action since i’ve been a little off lately. Only time will tell i guess, so please let your friends know and your family too. If i get over 20 comment on how wonderful and cool the site is i will run a contest and giving away a couple of prizes…. Who’s your daddy??

Here’s the link… Wicked’s Trade Bait Page

Enjoy homies…..