As we draw on the close of another year, my collecting habits have almost gone out the window. I no longer need to go by the card aide at Target. I really haven’t liked any cards that have come out this year. And i haven’t been spending that much either. i still read most of the blogs old and new and to be turthful the last couple of months i haven’t gotten allot of joy from it other than a couple of card drafts and a some great posts. Maybe i’m on a down with the card company that is Topps for killing off the rest, or mad at Upper Deck for blowing it all to hell by mishandling everything. As of right now i have no idea whats going on with cardboard and myself. It feels like i’ve collected way to much and i’m now stuck with a bunch of cards that don’t suit my collection. I always use to buy to make sure i had to trade, but since trades have dried up, i have a ton of bait that i need to get rid of. I have posted some of it on Ebay Items for sale  and some if it doesn’t get claimed will end up at COMC. With the money i make i will be buying autographed baseballs and other cool stuff. I really need to work on my Rookie of the Year balls set so thats one area i know i will be putting so money down on.

Well guys you can always check out my ebay page here Items for sale.

Thanks for reading….