As i sit here writing this post, who would have taught that this would have gone on for so long. What a great ride it has been, but with time and everything life throws at you sometimes its good to walk away even if it is for a while. One thing is for sure, i will miss it. At this stage in my life i think the time would be better spent will my family, watching my two boys grow up. Life has been passing me by of late and i really don’t wanna miss anything anymore. It’s also hard to sit here and wonder what to do with all this cardboard?…. When i got into this a few years back i would ever would have taught i would amass some much in such little time. But i did and now… Ha! That’s the million dollar question , you see. Do i sell it, trade it, or just put it away and gather dust? I’m thinking i’m going to do all three! Just have to find time and energy to get it done. I have one foot out the door with this hobby but i still will be collecting autographed items like balls and jerseys. But with the cards i still i’ve had it for a while.

On that note after i hang it up here on the Cardboard Don i would love to be able to do a guest piece every two weeks or so on another blog if y’all would have me. I still will be reading and dubbing in a little trading so a home on one of the blog around here would be great. Cause i love this little world we’ve built here and i don’t wanna leave altogether. So if anyone is looking for a guest writer, if you will have me i would love too!!

In closing its not over yet over here but i’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.