Hey guys just wanted to offer up some cards for you guys to buy before they hit the bay….. I’ll list the prices on here that way you guys know what i would like for them. As always thanks for looking and for the support.


Fred Lynn auto: 12.00 plus shipping, Ted Williams baseball heros numbered 7 out of 10: 30.00 plus shipping, Bobby Doerr relic 6.00 plus shipping, David and Manny double relic 5.00 plus shipping, David Ortiz Thiple Threads patch auto: 55.00 plus shipping, Fred Lynn CUTS relic: 8.00 plus shipping, Bill Spaceman Lee Auto: 8.00 plus shipping, Manny Topps Finest relic 4.00 plus shipping, Carl Yastrzemski maun patch: 5.00 plus shipping, Manny SP relic 3.00 plus shipping.