First of all, Happy New Year. It’s been a while that i can say that i’ve felt like writing. It’s hard to say if it was me or collecting or a mix of things but last year was a down year for me. Sure it had its moments, but overall i wasn’t focused on my collecting needs and was all over the board. Plus i was spending way to much time on a hobby.

Now family time comes before anything else, to have lost focus on that was a major part of stepping away and refocusing. There are no more piles of cards laying around and things all over the place. Everything has been put away, in bins and the closet. And things are going great. I really don’t miss it as much as i thought i would.

With that, comes a funny story that i thought i would share with you guys. Don’t really remember the date but it was sometime in November. As i’m sitting waiting for my car to be washed, out of nowhere comes this 2012 Blue Bentley. I’m like whoa! that’s a nice car. And it parks right next to my car that’s being washed. I’m thinking to myself “I wonder who this lucky SOB is” and out pops the “Big Cat” aka Andres Galarraga. I knew he lived in Palm Beach but what would be the chance i would run in to him. I did a double take to make sure, and damn i was right. At that point my mind starts racing and i remember that i have a baseball in the truck of my car. So i play it out in my mind how i would go up to him and ask him for the autograph. With a huge grin i walked up to him and told him ” That i a huge fan of his and his great career” made a little small talk then i asked him to sign my ball. He asked if i wanted anything on it and i told him if he could put “The Big Cat” on it. And surely he did with a smile. Now i’ve meet a ton of ball players in my life time but the Big Cat ranks up there with the nicest of them.

Now here’s the kicker, after i was done with Andres, i was hating myself for not asking for a picture with him. So i said screw it and went up to him again and told him….”That i would be killing myself for not asking for a picture with him. And did he mind if i could take one” He said sure with a smile and right when i had up the phone it dies. I was in shock, here i am with my arm around the Big Cat and my freaking phone dies. I told him i would be back and ran to the car to charge my dumb phone. A few moments later my phone was ready, i grabbed my phone and looked his way, he once again smile and told me to come over. And them a memory was made.

After that i thanked him shook his hand and walked away. With the biggest smile on my face the Big Cat had just made my day. I felt like a little girl meeting Bibs, what a cool day. Thanks to Andres and my luck!!