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Someone once said…”Isn’t it funny how time fly’s”. That is the case now, it’s almost been a year since the passing of the greatest catcher to play this game. Gary Carter passed away early last year. On February 16, 2012 we lost a great man, that like most of us was humble and loved the game. I remember so well watching the 1986 World Series in my bedroom and rooting for Gary and the rest of the Mets to beat the Soxs. I’ll never forget that feeling when they won it all and feeling so happy for Carter. I was lucky enough to have met Mr. Carter at a signing a few years ago and the one thing that will always stick to me about him was his smile. Watching him play while growing up i always noticed he had a big smile on his face every time the game was on. But on that day i met him he also was smiling. Not once was he a class act on the field but off it as well. He talked to fans and made sure to shake their hands and thank them on that day. I remember being nervous as i walked up to him and handing him my ball. i asked to see his World Series ring which he showed me with great delight. Then i asked him for a picture and he told me to come around the table and stand next to him. He put his hand around my back and told me to smile. As i was gathering my things he told me thank you for coming out, i thanked him back and told him it was an honor. I left the signing feeling like i was on cloud nine. I didn’t know then that would be the only time i would ever get to meet Gary Carter. I feel grateful for having met him and getting to shake his hand. I’m also grateful for what he did for this game i love so much. I will never ever forget you Mr. Carter, thank you for everything you did for the game and the city of Palm Beach. You are truly missed…..

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