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Hey guys and gals,

Well it’s year number five for this blog!! Wow five freakin’ years…. It’s funny when i started blogging it was all about my autograph collection, not cards. But little by little i got suckered in to collecting those little pieces of cardboard from my childhood. To say its been all good would be a lie. The blog has had its up’s and down’s but in the end i’m still here. I’ve seen allot of great bloggers go and some come on the scene and tear shit up. It’s still fun trading and emailing bloggers. Also meeting a few of you has been allot of fun. Cardboard is a part of my life and something i enjoy collecting. To me the valve of a card is what it means to you or the story behind the card itself. Not some dumb ass book putting a dollar amount on a piece of paper. Shit like that is what has killed this hobby for a long time. If your collecting cause of the money its going to bring you back, might as well save your money for your kids collage fund. Thanks to all the people I’ve had the honor of trading with and speaking to. You guys is what makes this so much fun to me. And i’m forever grateful for your friendships and trust.

With that i hope to be around for another five years and compete a shit load of more trades and make more friends. A huge shout out to some of my boys that have been here since day one and never wavered…. 30 year old cardboard my homie, thanks for everything you do. Troll whatever you are you my friend where my brother from another mother. Your giving is what really opened me up to making sure i give more than i got back and that still holds up today. Play at the Plate your great packages and thoughtful ways have taught me allot. To Night Owl and the Capt. you guys are icons around these parts its been an honor just to trade with you guys. Thank you all for everything!!

Now just some house cleaning Brad and Underdog and Nap your packages will going in the mail tomorrow!! So be on the look out for those. CC cards I’m putting something to together for you my friend, thanks again for the Tony Olive ball you went out of your way to get that for me and it really means allot.

And lastly a new autographed ball to add to the Rookie of the Year collection….Robert Edward Crosby, Bobby won the AL Rookie of the Year in 2004 with the Oakland A’s. He signing in just 10 days and was nice enough to add his Rookie of the Year stat.102_0713