I’ve had this fight with myself over and over again. And every time i let it win over whats right in the long run. The battle that’s been raging in my head for some time now is “Cards” what to do with them. Stick them in the garage and let them sit there, like a person in a prison. Or do i get rid of everything in one shot, or sell piece by piece and make that my life for the rest of the year? I don’t win either way i can think of, its going to take time away from my family, or some thing i use to love to do will just sit in the dark gathering dust.

Should i sell on the blog? That one iffy cause i don’t want to but i really would like the people i know to have first dibs. I’ve gone all over my collection and its huge and i no longer want it. It’s caused so many issues in my house, that i can’t even have them out anymore. And you know they take over anywhere you put them down. I have set, set almost completed , basecards , autographed cards, relic cards, if you would like to make me an offer on a card or a team or a set or player…. Just shoot me an email at Wickedcards33411@yahoo.com.

And those three peeps i owe packages too….. I have them ready to ship… Lady L, ARPsmith, and Napkin’ i will have them out to you soon!!!