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Well let me be the first to say, it’s been a long time. I’m not back collecting cards…. Nope that chapter of my life has come and gone. Still love watching baseball and collecting autographs tho. I know the question allot of you are going to ask..”What did you do with all your cards?” Well i sold a couple of them on Ebay, i think about 20 total and gave about 100,000 cards to Faith Farm and Goodwill. Not to worry most of the cards that went to those two places were just base cards. I still have pretty much my “Hits” collection intact. But know they sit in a closet, lonely with no one to play with.

So what have i been up to you ask….. Collecting Transformers, and collecting autographs mostly basketball with a few baseball here and there. Going to Marlin and Heat games and enjoying allot of found time with my family. You would think i miss it, but i don’t. The time i use to take… setting up trades, taking pictures for trade bait, going to the post office…blah,blah,blah! I enjoy all this time now with the family going out and having a killer time. I still read some of the blogs out there from time to time @ Night Owl Cards, @ Nachos Grande, @ Play at the Plate, @ 30-year old Cardboard. Even saw the the Troll @ The Collective Troll made a quick come back. It fun to see what these guys write about and there hold on the collecting pulsar.

So in all, what does this mean and i’m i back?….. I don’t know, its always fun to share stories on here and see the feedback and talk to old friends. But i think that family time is most important. So we’ll see, would love to show you guys all the new autographs and my starting collection of Transformers. So like the old saying goes time will tell…..

Until the next one….Wicked out!!

R.I.P. Paul Blair: 1944-2013


PS> you can find me on Instagram @ ajortega41