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Out with the old and in with the new… I drove head first into the collecting world after running across a few blogs back in 2008. And my love for one of my childhood past times took hold of me and again we went down a joyful path. But slowly like when i was a child the love and passion burnt out. Soon i was left with boxes after boxes of cardboard. Now they sit in a closet lost forever, praying one day to see the light of day again. But not any time soon cause i’ve moved now, to bigger and greater things.

My love for sports started way back when i was young. I remember watching baseball with my dad and loving every second of it. I grew up here in South Florida a New York Mets fan. Yes, a Mets fan! But there was something about those mid 80’s New York teams that i loved. From Strawberry to Gooden i was hooked, but soon there after the Florida Marlins came rolling in, and again i became a fan of the fish. Dropping the Mets in a New York minute. From the mid 80’s i started collecting baseball cards. I had my favorite players of Will Clark and the Cuban slugger Jose Canseco. But when i started high school cardboard had taken a back seat to sports and girls. Soon everything was boxed up and stuck in the garage. It wasn’t til 2009 that i opened those boxes and the passion started burning. But for a few years i was on of the best traders in the blogging world. If you needed a card, most likely i had it. Even won a blogger award for “Trader of the Year”. But the grind and upkeep plus all the time it took up was taking a toll. By the 2013 i was complete out of collecting cardboard. Now i use that time to enjoy the company of my family and watch my two boys grow up.

I still collect autographs and Miami Heat items, but its not as a eater of time like cardboard was.  So here i am again, with a rebanding of the blog and great stories to tell after a eight month vacation. Hopefully i can being joy and insight to autograph collectors out there. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and enjoying the blog. Here we go again!!