About Me

Out with the old and in with the new… I drove head first into the collecting world after running across a few blogs back in 2008. And my love for one of my childhood past times took hold of me and again we went down a joyful path. But slowly like when i was a child the love and passion burnt out. Soon i was left with boxes after boxes of cardboard. Now they sit in a closet lost forever, praying one day to see the light of day again. But not any time soon cause i’ve moved now, to bigger and greater things.

My love for sports started way back when i was young. I remember watching baseball with my dad and loving every second of it. I grew up here in South Florida a New York Mets fan. Yes, a Mets fan! But there was something about those mid 80’s New York teams that i loved. From Strawberry to Gooden i was hooked, but soon there after the Florida Marlins came rolling in, and again i became a fan of the fish. Dropping the Mets in a New York minute. From the mid 80’s i started collecting baseball cards. I had my favorite players of Will Clark and the Cuban slugger Jose Canseco. But when i started high school cardboard had taken a back seat to sports and girls. Soon everything was boxed up and stuck in the garage. It wasn’t til 2009 that i opened those boxes and the passion started burning. But for a few years i was on of the best traders in the blogging world. If you needed a card, most likely i had it. Even won a blogger award for “Trader of the Year”. But the grind and upkeep plus all the time it took up was taking a toll. By the 2013 i was complete out of collecting cardboard. Now i use that time to enjoy the company of my family and watch my two boys grow up.

I still collect autographs and Miami Heat items, but its not as a eater of time like cardboard was.  So here i am again, with a rebanding of the blog and great stories to tell after a eight month vacation. Hopefully i can being joy and insight to autograph collectors out there. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and enjoying the blog. Here we go again!!


41 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hey Bro

    Im going to set you up with a nice stack of Masterpiece. I need your address first jghazaleh@roadrunner.com


    El Loco Mojo

  2. hey, my email is bhackwor@vt.edu.

  3. Hiya

    Mario at Wax Heaven directed me your way as I have a nice pile of marlins cards that are looking for a good home. Have a look at my blog. I enjoy trading and if you would like the cards just drop me an e-mail.

  4. fenwaymac77 said:


    I was given your name as person that might want a few marlins cards. I have started a new blog called jdswildcardz.blogspot.com and am looking to do some trading if interested. I am a Red Sox fan, but recently am interested in collecting young phenom pitchers. Let me know if you are interested in a trade.



  5. Hi!

    Just got a comment from you in regards to a Dan Jansen autograph. Give drop me an email.


  6. I understand you’ve been trying to get a hold of me to work out a trade. Send me an email dude! I’ll be around for the next couple of days, and will work on getting some cards together for you.

  7. Hey,

    Responding to your wish for the Scott Olsen A&G autographed card. Also, you may be interested in the ’09 Josh Johnson A&G autographed card I also pulled (as well as two Burke Badenhopp autographed cards from ’08 sets). Send me an email and we can get started!

  8. Hello, If you’d like to trade for those turkey reds, let me know what you’d like in return. I have a bunch of Marlins from different sets. Please e-mail me and let me know what you’re interested in.

  9. Send me an address for the A Year to Remember cards.

  10. i have a bunch of marlins, will clark and even some manny i’d like to send you. i collect dodgers – send me an email at gcrl@comcast.net

  11. Nice blog. I’ve got some Dan Uggla GUs and a small stack of other Dan Ugglas. I’m collecting HoF Relic/Auto cards.


  12. Found your blog over at the Sportscard Blogroll. I like your well rounded view of the collecting world. I was wondering if you would be interested in adding me to your blogroll links

    I have put together a site on rookie football players and their sports cards.

    Rookie Football Cards

    Thanks for your time


  13. Hey, let me know what A&G I can help you with off my for trade list. I’m just looking for 3 2009 Goudey’s plus a slew of 4-in-1s and SPs. Shoot me an email meli0029 at gmail dot com

  14. Heya!
    I’ve got an RPOK of Rangers for you, but I don’t seem to have your mailing address (I thought I had it, hmmm). Please drop me an email and get these to ya!

  15. Hey man, I got your comment about sending some Rangers. I couldn’t find your email address on here anywhere, so maybe you can send a note to me instead?

  16. Hey,
    I need your address to send you the cards you claimed in my Clunkers for Cards program on my blog. Send me an email with your address and I’ll get ’em out to you. Thanks for the trade!
    -Chris (Nachos Grande)

  17. Hey,

    I need your email to get a hold of you in regards to the Beatles contest / dolphins cards. Drop me a line at yerf at hotmail.com.


    Justin G
    Tampa Bay Sports Wasteland

  18. Marlins for Cardinals sounds good. Just let me know and I’ll send you my address.

  19. hey shoot me an email please. I am fellow floridian and have some marlins and dolphins stuff I am trying to get rid of and since you are in the same area as me, it might be cheaper than mailing. my email is matheson_james@hotmail.com

  20. Hey Wicked,

    I have some Will Clarks I’m looking to depart with. You probably have most of them, but I have a 1996 Score Premium Stock you might not have among others. If you want them, email me.


  21. I have a bunch of WBC cards and a bunch of Marlins. Please send me an e-mail because I can’t find yours liseted anywhere.

  22. Caroline said:


    I work with Panini and wanted to add you to our PR distribution list for news releases. Can you please provide an email address?

    Caroline Tamer
    Drotman Communications

  23. Hey there- Shoot me an email at camh44@gmail.com I have a DTrain jersey card with your name written all over it.

  24. Send me an email and we can talk about those Pats cards. tkendrick3636@gmail.com

  25. Hey, let me know if you still want to do that 1981 Mets set for the Will Clark game used deal. Shoot me an email so we can exchange addresses: thebrooklynmet at hotmail dot com.

  26. If you don’t mind please go ahead and submit your payment for October’s Group Break since it is already underway. Thank you!

  27. Hey..

    I updated my computer and lost everything. Heres my address 4733 Ashbrook Rd Dallas TX 75227

  28. Hey buddy,

    You claimed the Marlins in the 2011 Jumbo break but I never got the payment. Just wanted to make sure you were still in.

    Cardbandits AT gmail DOT com

  29. Hey Wicked
    Thanks for checking out my blog. I would be interested in trading for that George Brett RC. Let me go through my stuff and see what I have for you. Anything in particular you were looking for?
    As for the box break I would love to get in on the next one, I won’t be able to get the money in time for this. HIt ne up staxofwaxpax@yahoo.com

  30. Hello,

    I have a small request please. I have tried to obtain Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd’s autograph for years throught the mail to add to my ’87 topps set but have had no luck. Is there a way I am able to send you a card, with an s.a.s.e., to you in hopes of you having it signed at the late January Joe Dimaggio game please? If you are able to help me, contact me at rbblatt@juno.com please.

    Covina, CA

  31. Wicked,

    Posted on the comments under your “want list” but wanted to put it here as well in hopes you see it. I’ve got two of the 2010 A&G National Animals you are looking for. send me an email so we can try to work out a deal. email. matt dot hickes at gmail dot com


  32. YO!!

    I have that Miggy cab on card R>C I have been holding for a month now.. LETS TRADE man…



  33. I wanna send you a Sax auto. I need your address.

    email me:


  34. You have been good to me over the years. Send me your address so I can ship this card to you..


  35. Hello,

    I have a small request please. I have tried to obtain Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd’s autograph for years throught the mail to add to my ’87 topps set but have had no luck. Is there a way I am able to send you a card, with an s.a.s.e., to you in hopes of you having it signed at the late January Joe Dimaggio game please? If you are able to help me, contact me at rbblatt@juno.com please.

    Covina, CA

  36. Huge favor, could you kill the comment reply on here from Sharpe with an email address listed? (and then delete this one too) Many Thanks and much appreciated.


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