Where the hell does time go?

Man, funny how time flys…. Looking back it’s a wonder on how the hell did I have enough time to write a blog a nd do all those trades. As all of you know, putting packages together is not easy. But that was then and this is now.

ive been adjusting to life little by little, cause time heals all wounds. I’ve been as close to my sister as I’ve ever been, getting to spend a lot of time with her and her family. It’s really nice to know someone has your back no matter what! With that we have been enjoying hanging out and collecting toys! She too is a collector, it runs in the family.

Speaking of toys, my collecting has grow big time. My account on Instagram is really taking off. And we’ve been selling really well. Plus we have two shows coming up in Steptmber and November. Both in West Palm Beach. Palmcon is the first one up, we’ve done this show before and had a blast. Sold very well and the place was rocking. I made a bunch of new friends and some great contacts for toys. That’s coming up on Steptmber 26 and 27 at the Palm Beach Convention Center.

The next show is put on by some great guys, Ultracon is huge down here in South Florida and for them to have a show right in my back yard is amazing! We’ve also done Ultracon before and again we had a great time. I love setting up and having people ask me questions about a toy or something. Ultra on is being held at the South Florida Fair Grounds on November 21st and 22nd. It will be most likely the biggest show before Christmas, so please come out and get your holiday shopping done early.

Going forward I will be blogging more and more on here. And also blogging live from the cons. Thank you to the ones who still look forward to reading this blog. And I hope all of my blogger friends are doing great, miss you guys!

Guess who…..

Hey guys and gals,

Its your old friend Wickedortega!!! Never did I think I would come back here to write but please know I read almost every day. 2014 has been a very hard year for me. My marriage of ten years came to an end, I totaled my car on the turnpike, I left my job of 6 years, and moved to Delray Beach. The one major thing that kills me is not being around my boys all the time. Ive been learning to coup with this but its still a struggle.

As of now I will be back writing on here again, its a place were I can write about whatever I want, and get some great feedback from some of you. I sold my whole collection of cards, which was a major part in my marriage ending. But I still collect and sell toys. I’ve done a few cons were we set up a booth and sell. Which in turn makes money and allows me to buy more toys. I will be sharing with you all my trips around the state of Florida tracking down toys and all the cool things that happen along the way.

Hopefully i’ll be able to draw some of you in from the cardboard world, and talk toys! Maybe do a trade or two, So I’m officially back. Hope y’all have a wonderful Christmas Eve and a Merry Christmas!!

Well that didn’t pan out….

Well I guess only one person bought some cards from me, leaving me to wonder. So here’s another idea….. How about trade cards for toys? All you have to do is send me some pics of toys loose or on card and I’ll make you an offer with cards…. I love all 70s 80s and 90s toys, and any toys from today. I really love transformers!! So if you have any toys around from when you were a kid or something like that give me a shout! I still have some really great cards to offer!!




The two dollar bin!!

Ok guys and girls,

Same as the dollar bin, but this time it’s two bucks! Flat rate of three dollars for shipping with tracking. Payment via paypal at fredoortega@hotmail.com please use the friend payment op. Thanks and enjoy!!

Now the fun part any person that buys 10 cards or more from the two dollar bid will get a sweet prize from me. Also remember the one dollar bin has two wild card that will win you an autographed baseball.

Thanks again


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The one dollar bin….

Ok guys and girls,

Here it goes….. It’s first come first serve, all you have to do to claim the cards you want is leave a comment with the cards of your choice. Once that happens I’ll go listing the cards that have been claimed. Payment is paypal, email is fredoortega@hotmail.com and if you could put friend in the payment area that would be great.

Shipping…. Flat rate of 3.00 with tracking.

Now the fun part I have picked two wild cards from this group of cards if someone pick one of these two cards I will send you along with your cards a autographed baseball of the player of my choice. Yeah buddy!!

Have fun!!


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Been a while…..

Hey guys and girls,

Hello blogging world, look at who’s come out and wants to play! That’s right the one and only WickedOrtega! I was planning on doing this for a while but time has gotten the best of me. I still have most of my collection in tact. But the ugly truth is that I’m not that into it anymore, so what better way to rid myself of this collection? By doing a huge giveaway and sale. It’s plain and simple I have a huge collection, for those who don’t know me ask around. I was kind of a big deal around here a couple of years ago. 

I’m going to make this so much fun, you guys are going to love it.

Right off the bat first comment I get will get two auto and two relics of their favorite team! 

I’m going to be holding a 1, 2, and 3 dollar sale on all my relics and autos! Yup it’s true! 

Those who who buy allot will get a bunch of cards thrown in for free and if your willing to pay the shipping on one of those USPS boxes, I think there like 5.80 or something like that. I will fill the box with cards! 

Ive moved on from cards and now that I’m living by myself I have no room for them. Rather then sell them on the bay, I thought it would be fun to do this. I’m going to be giving back to the blogging world in which I had some much fun in.

So tell your blogging buddies and tell the world, it’s going to be epic!

I’ll be posting some dollar cards tonight and doing a couple of giveaways, stay turned!


Rebranding of the blog….


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Out with the old and in with the new… I drove head first into the collecting world after running across a few blogs back in 2008. And my love for one of my childhood past times took hold of me and again we went down a joyful path. But slowly like when i was a child the love and passion burnt out. Soon i was left with boxes after boxes of cardboard. Now they sit in a closet lost forever, praying one day to see the light of day again. But not any time soon cause i’ve moved now, to bigger and greater things.

My love for sports started way back when i was young. I remember watching baseball with my dad and loving every second of it. I grew up here in South Florida a New York Mets fan. Yes, a Mets fan! But there was something about those mid 80’s New York teams that i loved. From Strawberry to Gooden i was hooked, but soon there after the Florida Marlins came rolling in, and again i became a fan of the fish. Dropping the Mets in a New York minute. From the mid 80’s i started collecting baseball cards. I had my favorite players of Will Clark and the Cuban slugger Jose Canseco. But when i started high school cardboard had taken a back seat to sports and girls. Soon everything was boxed up and stuck in the garage. It wasn’t til 2009 that i opened those boxes and the passion started burning. But for a few years i was on of the best traders in the blogging world. If you needed a card, most likely i had it. Even won a blogger award for “Trader of the Year”. But the grind and upkeep plus all the time it took up was taking a toll. By the 2013 i was complete out of collecting cardboard. Now i use that time to enjoy the company of my family and watch my two boys grow up.

I still collect autographs and Miami Heat items, but its not as a eater of time like cardboard was.  So here i am again, with a rebanding of the blog and great stories to tell after a eight month vacation. Hopefully i can being joy and insight to autograph collectors out there. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and enjoying the blog. Here we go again!!


Almost Eight Months Ago…..


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Well let me be the first to say, it’s been a long time. I’m not back collecting cards…. Nope that chapter of my life has come and gone. Still love watching baseball and collecting autographs tho. I know the question allot of you are going to ask..”What did you do with all your cards?” Well i sold a couple of them on Ebay, i think about 20 total and gave about 100,000 cards to Faith Farm and Goodwill. Not to worry most of the cards that went to those two places were just base cards. I still have pretty much my “Hits” collection intact. But know they sit in a closet, lonely with no one to play with.

So what have i been up to you ask….. Collecting Transformers, and collecting autographs mostly basketball with a few baseball here and there. Going to Marlin and Heat games and enjoying allot of found time with my family. You would think i miss it, but i don’t. The time i use to take… setting up trades, taking pictures for trade bait, going to the post office…blah,blah,blah! I enjoy all this time now with the family going out and having a killer time. I still read some of the blogs out there from time to time @ Night Owl Cards, @ Nachos Grande, @ Play at the Plate, @ 30-year old Cardboard. Even saw the the Troll @ The Collective Troll made a quick come back. It fun to see what these guys write about and there hold on the collecting pulsar.

So in all, what does this mean and i’m i back?….. I don’t know, its always fun to share stories on here and see the feedback and talk to old friends. But i think that family time is most important. So we’ll see, would love to show you guys all the new autographs and my starting collection of Transformers. So like the old saying goes time will tell…..

Until the next one….Wicked out!!

R.I.P. Paul Blair: 1944-2013


PS> you can find me on Instagram @ ajortega41

Cards just don’t do it anymore, for me.

I’ve had this fight with myself over and over again. And every time i let it win over whats right in the long run. The battle that’s been raging in my head for some time now is “Cards” what to do with them. Stick them in the garage and let them sit there, like a person in a prison. Or do i get rid of everything in one shot, or sell piece by piece and make that my life for the rest of the year? I don’t win either way i can think of, its going to take time away from my family, or some thing i use to love to do will just sit in the dark gathering dust.

Should i sell on the blog? That one iffy cause i don’t want to but i really would like the people i know to have first dibs. I’ve gone all over my collection and its huge and i no longer want it. It’s caused so many issues in my house, that i can’t even have them out anymore. And you know they take over anywhere you put them down. I have set, set almost completed , basecards , autographed cards, relic cards, if you would like to make me an offer on a card or a team or a set or player…. Just shoot me an email at Wickedcards33411@yahoo.com.

And those three peeps i owe packages too….. I have them ready to ship… Lady L, ARPsmith, and Napkin’ i will have them out to you soon!!!