Trade Bait

This is my new trade bait page, check it out offen cause i will be updating all this month due to the overflow of bait i have, plus cutting some player collections like Ryan Zimmerman. All you have to due is click on the box and it will take you to the page…. Enjoy!

Trade Bait

13 thoughts on “Trade Bait”

  1. I’m interested in that Mike Lowell Classic Stitches. Shoot me an email when you get chance. Thanks!

  2. Do any of those Manny cards have regular numbers on the back? I’m talking no letters only numbers.

    Also that Lowell patch looks familiar. Any chance you got it from Mario?

  3. Dude, I need that Longoria auto haha. I will be sending you an e-mail shortly with some stuff I think you might like. Of course at this point, I’m hoping you love it all, considering how ginormous this trade will be!

  4. I’d be very interested in the Kaline relic and/or the Verlander swatch. I have a game used Maybin, and autos of Anibal and Coghlan, and other stuff you might dig, too. Send me an email. I’d love to trade.

  5. are you willing to part with any of the mullin cards?

  6. Good LORD you’ve got a lot of nice trade bait. I’m currently collecting Twins RC AUs, and unfortunately I’ve already got Perkins and Casilla. I’ll definitely do my best to keep checking back, though!

  7. I was interested in the Carl Erskine card you had in your vintage box. I have many of the players you are looking for. Let me know what we can arrange. Thanks.


  8. Hey, I’d be interested in the Pujols jersey and mini. The Ozzie Smith and Chris Perez Lettermans. The Bob Gibson manu patch. The Matt Holliday relic. The Tommy Manzella and Jesse English autos. And the Rick Ankiel auto. If you are willing to trade any of those that would be awesome. I have a Gaby Sanchez jersey I’m sure you’ll love. Email me at and maybe we could work out a deal.

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