Today at work while replacing some A/C ducts i came across a small box. I taught at first that it might be a mouse trap or something…. Well I grabbed it and kept working on the ducts…. It must have been at least 11o degree up there but the work that was being done was fast…. As soon as i climbed down i graded some water and sat down to open the box…. I taught I hit the jackpot, it was baseball cards at first sight…. Then i start to pull them out to see what I found, it wasn’t what I taught would make me a rich man but there where some really cool stuff in the box…. Here a pic of the first cards i pulled out…..

From looking them up on Ebay they are from 1970 and made by Topps…. Don’t know much more about them but I thought I share what I found today….. Part two will be up shortly….. I wasn’t even born yet when these came out..lol