Werid….. That’s the word that comes to mind when i think about this trade the Marlins pulled off with the Los Angeles Dodgers. After seeing Hanley in a Marlins uni for almost seven long years, i really taught he would be a Marlins for a long time to come. I didn’t really like Hanley as a person cause he could be a dick most of the time to the fans. But i did respect his game. And only four months in to the new Marlins season the team is being torn apart once again. Josh Johnson is on the block so i think it won’t be long before he’s gone this season too. Its really hard being a Marlins fan cause of these actions, it started back in 97 after winning the World Series the team was broken up and again in 2003 after winning the title the upper brass taught it would be in the best of the team to be dismantled. I hope i live long enough to see a life long Marlin play his whole career down here in South Florida. This sucks but like they say around these parts theres always next year……. Congrats to LA for stealing Hanley for almost nothing in return!!