Rebranding of the blog….


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Out with the old and in with the new… I drove head first into the collecting world after running across a few blogs back in 2008. And my love for one of my childhood past times took hold of me and again we went down a joyful path. But slowly like when i was a child the love and passion burnt out. Soon i was left with boxes after boxes of cardboard. Now they sit in a closet lost forever, praying one day to see the light of day again. But not any time soon cause i’ve moved now, to bigger and greater things.

My love for sports started way back when i was young. I remember watching baseball with my dad and loving every second of it. I grew up here in South Florida a New York Mets fan. Yes, a Mets fan! But there was something about those mid 80′s New York teams that i loved. From Strawberry to Gooden i was hooked, but soon there after the Florida Marlins came rolling in, and again i became a fan of the fish. Dropping the Mets in a New York minute. From the mid 80′s i started collecting baseball cards. I had my favorite players of Will Clark and the Cuban slugger Jose Canseco. But when i started high school cardboard had taken a back seat to sports and girls. Soon everything was boxed up and stuck in the garage. It wasn’t til 2009 that i opened those boxes and the passion started burning. But for a few years i was on of the best traders in the blogging world. If you needed a card, most likely i had it. Even won a blogger award for “Trader of the Year”. But the grind and upkeep plus all the time it took up was taking a toll. By the 2013 i was complete out of collecting cardboard. Now i use that time to enjoy the company of my family and watch my two boys grow up.

I still collect autographs and Miami Heat items, but its not as a eater of time like cardboard was.  So here i am again, with a rebanding of the blog and great stories to tell after a eight month vacation. Hopefully i can being joy and insight to autograph collectors out there. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and enjoying the blog. Here we go again!!


Almost Eight Months Ago…..


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Well let me be the first to say, it’s been a long time. I’m not back collecting cards…. Nope that chapter of my life has come and gone. Still love watching baseball and collecting autographs tho. I know the question allot of you are going to ask..”What did you do with all your cards?” Well i sold a couple of them on Ebay, i think about 20 total and gave about 100,000 cards to Faith Farm and Goodwill. Not to worry most of the cards that went to those two places were just base cards. I still have pretty much my “Hits” collection intact. But know they sit in a closet, lonely with no one to play with.

So what have i been up to you ask….. Collecting Transformers, and collecting autographs mostly basketball with a few baseball here and there. Going to Marlin and Heat games and enjoying allot of found time with my family. You would think i miss it, but i don’t. The time i use to take… setting up trades, taking pictures for trade bait, going to the post office…blah,blah,blah! I enjoy all this time now with the family going out and having a killer time. I still read some of the blogs out there from time to time @ Night Owl Cards, @ Nachos Grande, @ Play at the Plate, @ 30-year old Cardboard. Even saw the the Troll @ The Collective Troll made a quick come back. It fun to see what these guys write about and there hold on the collecting pulsar.

So in all, what does this mean and i’m i back?….. I don’t know, its always fun to share stories on here and see the feedback and talk to old friends. But i think that family time is most important. So we’ll see, would love to show you guys all the new autographs and my starting collection of Transformers. So like the old saying goes time will tell…..

Until the next one….Wicked out!!

R.I.P. Paul Blair: 1944-2013


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Cards just don’t do it anymore, for me.

I’ve had this fight with myself over and over again. And every time i let it win over whats right in the long run. The battle that’s been raging in my head for some time now is “Cards” what to do with them. Stick them in the garage and let them sit there, like a person in a prison. Or do i get rid of everything in one shot, or sell piece by piece and make that my life for the rest of the year? I don’t win either way i can think of, its going to take time away from my family, or some thing i use to love to do will just sit in the dark gathering dust.

Should i sell on the blog? That one iffy cause i don’t want to but i really would like the people i know to have first dibs. I’ve gone all over my collection and its huge and i no longer want it. It’s caused so many issues in my house, that i can’t even have them out anymore. And you know they take over anywhere you put them down. I have set, set almost completed , basecards , autographed cards, relic cards, if you would like to make me an offer on a card or a team or a set or player…. Just shoot me an email at

And those three peeps i owe packages too….. I have them ready to ship… Lady L, ARPsmith, and Napkin’ i will have them out to you soon!!!


Topps Million Dollar Chase


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The other night while shopping at Wally World i took a stroll down the card section and noticed they had finally gotten in 2013 Topps!! Woo Hoo!! I just grabbed one blaster since i didn’t have my wallet on me. Took it to the cashier and paid, bought it home and opened it open. Got allots of great cards, plus a couple of these Million Dollar Chase code cards. Now i know for sure i can use a million dollars, so i did what most others would do and entered the codes. In total i had five code cards and i couldn’t be happier with the player it give me.

First off we have Kyle Seager a 259 avg. with 20 homeruns last year. Not bad at all!!

Seattle Mariners v. Texas RangersThen i picked up Pedro Alvarez of the Bucs…. with a 244 avg 30 homers and 85 RBI’s. Pittsburgh Pirates v Chicago CubsThen i started getting real lucky…. Adrian Beltre nice!! .321 avg with 36 Homeruns and 102 RBI’s…Whew!!adrian_beltreUp next is Matt Kemp, now who’s your daddy? Kempy avg is .303 with 23 dingers and 69 RBI’s.Colorado Rockies v Los Angeles DodgersAnd lastly we have the 2012 Rookie of the Year in the NL Bryce Harper. I can feel the money already!! Harper is a .270 hitter with 22 Homers and 59 RBI’s!!

I can wait to see this go’s, and i can’t wait till my next blaster to pick up more code cards!! I’ll be showing off the cards in the next post!!

Thanks for reading as always!! Wicked-

Gaby Sánchez Autographed Game Used Glove…..


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Was lucky to have picked this up last week on ebay for a great price. Even tho Gaby doesn’t play for the Marlins anymore, I’m still a huge fan of his and will keep on following his career and collecting his cards. Hopefully he’ll have a bounce back season with the Bucs. Thanks for reading…Wicked!! 102_0551

A blog birthday and another autograph rookie ball!!


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Hey guys and gals,

Well it’s year number five for this blog!! Wow five freakin’ years…. It’s funny when i started blogging it was all about my autograph collection, not cards. But little by little i got suckered in to collecting those little pieces of cardboard from my childhood. To say its been all good would be a lie. The blog has had its up’s and down’s but in the end i’m still here. I’ve seen allot of great bloggers go and some come on the scene and tear shit up. It’s still fun trading and emailing bloggers. Also meeting a few of you has been allot of fun. Cardboard is a part of my life and something i enjoy collecting. To me the valve of a card is what it means to you or the story behind the card itself. Not some dumb ass book putting a dollar amount on a piece of paper. Shit like that is what has killed this hobby for a long time. If your collecting cause of the money its going to bring you back, might as well save your money for your kids collage fund. Thanks to all the people I’ve had the honor of trading with and speaking to. You guys is what makes this so much fun to me. And i’m forever grateful for your friendships and trust.

With that i hope to be around for another five years and compete a shit load of more trades and make more friends. A huge shout out to some of my boys that have been here since day one and never wavered…. 30 year old cardboard my homie, thanks for everything you do. Troll whatever you are you my friend where my brother from another mother. Your giving is what really opened me up to making sure i give more than i got back and that still holds up today. Play at the Plate your great packages and thoughtful ways have taught me allot. To Night Owl and the Capt. you guys are icons around these parts its been an honor just to trade with you guys. Thank you all for everything!!

Now just some house cleaning Brad and Underdog and Nap your packages will going in the mail tomorrow!! So be on the look out for those. CC cards I’m putting something to together for you my friend, thanks again for the Tony Olive ball you went out of your way to get that for me and it really means allot.

And lastly a new autographed ball to add to the Rookie of the Year collection….Robert Edward Crosby, Bobby won the AL Rookie of the Year in 2004 with the Oakland A’s. He signing in just 10 days and was nice enough to add his Rookie of the Year stat.102_0713

Thinking about the Kid…………


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Someone once said…”Isn’t it funny how time fly’s”. That is the case now, it’s almost been a year since the passing of the greatest catcher to play this game. Gary Carter passed away early last year. On February 16, 2012 we lost a great man, that like most of us was humble and loved the game. I remember so well watching the 1986 World Series in my bedroom and rooting for Gary and the rest of the Mets to beat the Soxs. I’ll never forget that feeling when they won it all and feeling so happy for Carter. I was lucky enough to have met Mr. Carter at a signing a few years ago and the one thing that will always stick to me about him was his smile. Watching him play while growing up i always noticed he had a big smile on his face every time the game was on. But on that day i met him he also was smiling. Not once was he a class act on the field but off it as well. He talked to fans and made sure to shake their hands and thank them on that day. I remember being nervous as i walked up to him and handing him my ball. i asked to see his World Series ring which he showed me with great delight. Then i asked him for a picture and he told me to come around the table and stand next to him. He put his hand around my back and told me to smile. As i was gathering my things he told me thank you for coming out, i thanked him back and told him it was an honor. I left the signing feeling like i was on cloud nine. I didn’t know then that would be the only time i would ever get to meet Gary Carter. I feel grateful for having met him and getting to shake his hand. I’m also grateful for what he did for this game i love so much. I will never ever forget you Mr. Carter, thank you for everything you did for the game and the city of Palm Beach. You are truly missed…..

garyupdate.jpggary and meDSC00056

My Balls are Growing….


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A While back i told all of y’all how i was trying to collect all the Rookie of the Year award winners on autographed balls. I had a long and hard road to making this happen, knowing that some of the graphs i would never be able to get. But i wanna see how far i can go with it so this year i’m all in again. On Tuesday i got a package in the mail from former great pitcher Gregg Olson. Olson played for a number of teams but is most remembered for being an Oriole. Olson became the first reliever to win the American League Rookie of the Year Award. Olson also set an American League rookie record with 27 saves, and had a 5-2 mark with a 1.69ERA and 90 strikeouts in 85 innings. Also on July 13, 1991, Olson combined with 3 other Baltimore pitchers in a no-hitter against the Oakland Athletics. Olsen was nice enough to return my ball is 10 days.


So with this ball my total is at 19 plus Olsen gives me 20 autographed Rookie of the Year balls…. Here my first cabinet housing some of the balls………102_0402

And here’s the 2nd one housing the balls, pretty soon i’m going to need another one since i have a few balls still out there…. I can’t wait to get deep into this project!! Thanks for reading Wicked out!!102_0706

It’s That Time: Card Draft # 2 aka Turning Dis Mutha Out!!


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Finally the Don has had enough of the cards taking over and its time to hold a good ole’ card draft. The funds of this draft will be used to buy more cardboard so no worries.

Please leave a comment if you would like to join in on the draft. There’s only 12 spots in this draft, sign up quick. Payment not due at this time. Just sign up’s.

Here’s the pertinent information. The bait I have consists of baseball, hockey, football, and basketball. Yes, all four of the major sports. That’s just how I roll. I’m looking for 10-12 participants, and each spot in the draft will be $30, with shipping included. I’m not exactly sure how many rounds there will be, but it’ll be at least 15, and I feel more comfortable in saying the participants will just draft until I run out of cards to give away. Obviously, the exact number of you guys and gals involved will also determine the rounds and number of cards. Payments will be made through PayPal - as a gift - to If you need to pay via another method, comment as you would normally and then e-mail me to set things up. I’m flexible in this regard, though PayPal is preferred and the easiest way to pay.

Anyhoo, in terms of the draft order, I think a randomized offering of all of the participants to give us our first round order is the fairest way. From there, each person moves down a spot in each subsequent round. So, if you’re randomized as the first overall pick in round one, you’d then draft second in round two, third in round three, and so on, while the last person gets the first pick the second time around and so on and so on. Again though, I’m flexible with draft order, and am more than welcome to take your suggestions, particularly from those who have been in these sorts of drafts before. I aim to please.

There will be autos and relics and rookies and inserts and vintage and minis and jumbos available once again, but as I said, the hits are better in my opinion this time around.

Thanks to  Greg Zakwin of Plaschke, Thy Sweater Is Argyle for the rules and payment info. As written by him for his own blog. But used by mines with credit given.

Here’s a Sneak Peek at some of the great relics and auto’s and rookies that are going to be up for grabs…….All the cards will be up by the weekend…..102_0705 102_0704 102_0703 102_0702 102_0701 102_0700 102_0699 102_0698 102_0697 102_0696


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